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The View from Bleak House

A Bleak House Community

The Bleak House Community
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This is a community for fans of Bleak House, the BBC TV Series, but also the book by Charles Dickens on which it is based.
It's a place to discuss anything Bleak House related, from favourite episodes to costumes to comparing the book to the series.


1) Let's play nice. No flaming or rude comments.

2) Spoilers should be placed under an LJ-cut. As should large pictures or big collections of icons.

3) Anything to do with Bleak House is good for posting, including any questions about the series, chatter about favourite episodes and moments, pictures of the actors and talk about their current or past projects, anything to do with Charles Dickens. Posting fanfiction is also ok, but if it's longer than a couple of hundred words, LJ-cut, please!

4) To meet the other people in the community, look here. Then why not make an introductory post of your own?