Plain Rebecca Jane (annaonthemoon) wrote in bleak_house,
Plain Rebecca Jane

Bleak House Readalong

Hello everyone, I'm Anna, and I'm the admin over at I absolutely love the mini series for Bleak House, and a few of us have started reading Bleak House together on our message board. I wanted to take the time to invite anyone here who is interested in reading Bleak House to come join us. We have links to free audiobook versions as well as links to free online text versions if you don't own the book. We already started reading, but we're now taking a short break to allow people to catch up or to come on over and participate in a past discussion. You don't need to follow along at our exact pace, either. We're more than willing to let people pick up old discussions and ask questions. If you're intersted in reading along with us, or want to read the past discussions, feel free to head on over to the Burn-Gorman.Com Book Club and check things out :)
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